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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Its been a Hard Days Night...

Okay gangs...I think it was a year back since I've posted anything about me...BZ the usual excuses...but actually I was bored...Well I've done it finally escaping the world of sheer determination of getting a diploma, and will congregate my winning act in 3 weeks time...Perhaps then I wil so some pictures...

This day I would like really to sums up what I've been up to...Been working got a job on contract basis...but its worth a Job as an IT Exec! I thought its going to be an odd boring day job...nope actually its all fun and games...really great peoples like you could take home with...Professional at work & huhuhaha tralalala la li lu le lo on the outside...Most of the time spend s walking around the office helps people with rutine jobs and everyday troubleshooting. Helps the boss with the technical stuff although I'm the creative guys deals with graphic and audio. But it was a get throgh and I took it with ease and record time...

Sometimes onward did move around mostly southern part of Malaysia...helping other peers that are disabled in the IT area...

5 months is not much...but got chances to traveled outside Malaysia...Singapore for Oracle Training...Its cool meeting friends and people alike...

Although had couple of time spending in the server area for a few days in absolute coldness...trying to figure out what's wrong with it...Lets take a look at me in my new surroundings:-

After 5 Months I thouht to myself well perhaps its time for me to move on...into more related picture...such as to more technical stuff the MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer). Here is my summary on what I had felt during this time...

It was a heartfelt occurrence for the past 5 months and should never be forgotten.
There was never a finale of this story only a summary of what happened and how did I managed to understand them better.

Here goes my short compilation. I was given a period of time to experience a day to day job, in a way I had to understand first what steps should be taken consequently. The process and procedures to survive in the Real World!!

It just not another crash course tutorial or a walk in the park then you can have a break and continue the next day. It is something you have to do patiently and tenaciously. Before this I only knew that IT worlds consist of creativities, values and machines but somehow that is an understatement. It involves much bigger things that is; people, rules and appreciation.

People like Mr. Sanusi and Mr. Zulkarnain make things happen by wiring machineries to conform the organization ultimate goal that is to be the best in what they do.

Next, Rules is created by man but are not to be broken but to be followed in order to be systematic and organize. Without rules, there is chaos which could not be comprehended if not to be handled quickly and professionally. Rules cum procedures that is the key to success. It is like studying without a book lead to failure and uncertainty.

Finally, the master stroke would be appreciation. When a common goal is achieved and it’s down to one person or maybe a group that did it a compliment would be nice. An appreciation bond us together making us stronger hopefully we can reach the greater goal collectively.

In conclusion, creating me a better, optimistic, patient human being whom can change the world to a better place to be by generating more values in what people at APSB do a coherent in information technology develops a healthier style on how human nature confronts everyday puzzled of the skirmish life they have.
Thats all there is to it...Oh yes before I start on another blog...A special requilme to the past from me to all the niceses peoples I met...

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