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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Its a First for a first Day...

I'm back with a new post...Its been a while from the last. Anyway registered earlier for the MCSE course , guess what its a success and class started on the 22nd. My College is situated near the 'City Center'! Period: Every day 9 to 5 except weekends. Gosh early in the morning again after a while back sleeping till 10...practice makes perfect and it really did...
Then my house is quite far the would probably takes along time by then to reach b4 9. I could drive there but my father is using the Beemer, so I decided to stay with closer relatives within the vicinity planning to reduce time, its worth a shot but it worked on the second day though...
You guys must be wondering what is MCSE?!? Well its stand for Microsoft Certified system Engineer, technically a software engineer for Microsoft OS'es Server 2003 and Win XP! This is nothing to be proud off amongst people outside M'sia, unless you are like me a Malay guy who is new to the IT world. It is under National Graduate Scheme don't have to pay for it but will receive allowances for it. Some would say its all about the money, not for me its all about knowledge and grooming your hidden technical skills...
I'm always fascinated on how the OS works...the system chronology and everything that ticks to make it work and valuate the patience and consistency of one person's life...Computers and People Could not be parted...don't you believe me?
Well take a look at the TV series LOST on the first episode of the second season...What did they found under the hatch? A computer room..what is it with this people..LOST on Island with confusing peoples, devastated feeling and shattered hope and still you find computers in it! I though they found a room full of treasure of Davy Jones hehehehe... Now its beginning like to look like and 'X-Files on an Island'. Enough mumbling...
Let me tell you aboout the first day, I got up around 6 morning and after prayers (Subuh) prepared myself and walked off to the nearest LRT station (Light Rail Transit) Cheras! It took me about 15 minutes to get there, by that time it was 6.45am. As ever humans are plenty waiting for the train...I was fresh and determined to get there early!
  • The first one came at 6.55 am FULL!! Never mind there will be others...
  • Second at 7.10 am FULL, although some spaces its not fit for my size only if you are 'Gary Coleman' hehehe....
  • 7.20 am, still matter patiently waiting...
  • 7.33 am 4th one to go...My patience snap and started to Sweat...turned on my moto-Ipod.
  • Singing..."Cos I wish you'd see me, baby, save me, I'm going crazyTryin' to keep us real, keep us alive,And maybe tomorrow is a better day, I know tomorrow is a better day..." still no luck!
  • 7.45 am...This might be IT Noooo....still Bloody Full, could I've been mistaken a Manic Monday nope ...Its Tuesday when schools is on Holiday...lucky me plenty songs to Sing.
  • 8.10 am might be "Lucky Number Slevin", hahaha no luck yet still have not seen the movie...but it was packed like mackerel in a sardine can!!!
  • 8.20 am...My Pacing was over, there were spaces...Cramed myself in...basically stuck to a girl about my shoulder length...It was't pretty but got to get there....'Softness around', if you know what I mean...hehehe.
  • Reached to desired station aka 'Masjid Jamek' by 8.35 am...Paced myself quickly to to 'Putraline' the next transportation to my 'Final Destination'!
  • No worries here go into the train by 8.41 am!
  • "Next station Ampang Park" got there by 8.54 am, got time to admire the surrounding.
  • I'm here...exactly 9.00 am!!
Went up to '3A' took the 'LifT', still worried proably the place is crowded...but to my shocking eye...there was about 5 older guys seating and one was wondering just like me...Thats a first! Anyway was invited to class a computer lab more precisely...sat down and waited to the next best things to happen...
That was the first day....enough of typing..continue later bye... \o/ Peace!!!
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