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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Hey There...Nice to meet your Aquaintances...
Its my second day at college...haven't learned anything of the syllabus only self motivation to be that better person of a positive self-image.

Oh yes B4 continuing..let me introduce a bit about my classmates...consists of 12 people a mixture of differents ethnics and religions but it doesn't matter its all about the friendship from within...great guys and gals!!!

Theres is Nizam the Specky character...who love to try his English with a
ploom!!, Nazri reflection of my younger self..There is Bernard the Cool dude with an atitude who loves to stalk people especially the ladies...Who else..There is Imran..a bit quiet but one of the knowledgeble dude in the class a programmer and money maker on9!Mr. Tam aka Tim Tam another funny chinese guy with glasses loves PeterPan of sort...This 'Unpopular' guy to pretty synical of his jokes..There is Chen too...the first guy to volunteer but quiet in circumstances..

Lets talk about the ladies..there is Emylia...the hitam manis girl looks like from Penang..Angel yet very teasing and have a condescending voice,once you hear it might fall asleep...hehehe, There is Florence the much opinionted person ever...many experience to share with..Haaa there is Nadiyah another reserve person a degree holder Wow!! from Pahang but speaks a slang of Kedahan!

Last but not least is Mr.Justin or I called him Sir looks like Craig Davies hehehe...our Tutor in this motivational week...lively character funny aswell...have that aura and plays the irc when having a break!!

Class can be bleak but sometimes to noisy to notice as all have opinions to share and laught at...especially me the most anoyying guy to be displayed there...

Although everyday is about the same Gist, but never a dull day for a normal boy...activities all rounders fun and games for everyone especially the vocabs department...B4 I go here is some pictures of my new friends...

Photo Genic guys
Its Tam and the Guy who likes to Interframe
Nazri & Nizam
Nadiayah on the Left, Mr.Justin aka Craig David in Walking Away...Eims on the right!!!
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