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Sunday, August 27, 2006
"Have You Ever Seen The Rain..."
Well guys and is Friday, and its been 4 days here and another 60 days to go...Our subject for today was creating a cover letter and a Resume (Homework!!!) It was something that include everything we had learn from Mr.Justin for the past 3 days...Some where short yet up to the point...mine wasn't though Mr.Justin said my language was a bid to hippy to be a formal Cover Letter!! That was of today...I learned my lesson to do a better Cover letter... Basically it was not the thing that interested me that day...

Class was dissmissed as usual at 4! Then it started to rain like it always does everyday...this time was almost left KL into might be wondering usual Putraline took 10 minutes to reach Masjid Jamek not this time though...50 minutes to be exact! It is like everytime its stop to a station...the train recharges...Passenggers were uneasy, tired,fed-up and gone nutsy about...I almost fell asleep a few time because I was standing and my back is taking none of it...

After I reached Masjid Jamek underground station...all chaos...there were flood of people moving around at snail pace...machines stops or play dead as they were no electricity...the thunderstorm knocked out several electrical points of the city...the escalator was dead and everybody took the stairs...damn tired to that point...

When most of us reach the top...we found this to our disbelieving eyes...

The Klang River
The Water level had risen immensely...people were afraid of the water most of them went up to the lrt station which were higher....
Shockingly it was like POW Camp on top of the station...and I was amongst the refugee
Flood of war
When I got up to the station..this is what i got...
Part of the Main Road
It rained so heavily people were court in misery of nature's destruction...I managed to record a small clip on my cameraphone here it is....

That was it...usually it will take me an hour to get back to Cheras..That day I had to wait 3 hours to wait till the water level reside...and I got back home to Kota Damansara by 9.30...What a Day...Moral of the story...."Kerajaan ni tak reti jaga welfare penduduknya..bukan tak bayar cukai..duit ada bazir kat tempat lain..sistem perparitan semakin hancur aper nak jadi..kononya dah Merdeka...hahaha lawaknya banyak 'leaders' masih terkongkong di dalam fana wang ringgit, aper Merdekanya...lagi terjerumus adala...Insaflah wahai pemimpin ku sekalian wang untuk Rakyat bukan untuk kamu berjoli dengannya...." Tatkala bulan Merdeka!!! Merdekalah kamu sebelum kamu dimerdekakan!!!

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  • At Sunday, August 27, 2006, Blogger mr.eim said…

    Melesia punye SMART TUNNEL bila nak syiap nieh..? last week ako pong dah terpaksa berenang untuk sampai umah ako.. woo~ woo~

    btw, oit...ko enablekan la comment untuk readers yg bukan guna blogspot...


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